Preparation for washing upholstery and car mats.


  • thanks to high capillarity, it removes even the most stubborn stains
  • antistatic properties make the cleaned surfaces stay clean for longer
  • the preparation is not suitable for leather upholstery


  • before using the preparation, test its effect on a small, invisible surface
  • vacuum the upholstery thoroughly to remove dust and dirt
  • apply the preparation evenly on the surface to be cleaned
  • leave 20 to 50 seconds
  • rub the foam with a delicate cloth or a soft-bristle brush
  • during cleaning, rinse the cloth or brush with clean water from time to time
  • wait to dry and vacuum to collect dirt pulled out of the fabric
  • repeat the operation in the case of heavy soiling
  • ensure good ventilation of the room during use

STORAGE: in the original packaging, at a temperature between 4°C and 30°C.


  • Product card
  • Safety data sheet
  • Data sheet

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